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Skinny Dipping Teens

January 11th, 2011

I think skinny dipping with topless teens are one of the best ways to spend an evening. Of course, if those topless teens are bottomless as well, that makes the evening even better! These bathing beauties are so hot; it’s no wonder they have to stand in the pool to cool off. But I wouldn’t want them to cool off too much because I want to get smoking hot with them! Both of these candid teens are so sexy to me I’m not sure which one I’d want to fuck first. The brunette has a really cute face and nice slender body, but her blonde friend has amazing tits, and I do mean absolutely amazing.

I bet they’re sheer perfection when water softly trickles down her topless teen tits. So in my fantasy I’ll dive right into the pool with these sexy teens and hope that they’ll want to hang on to my rudder and let me show them a real good time! Now if only I knew how to swim. Maybe I better take some swimming lessons, huh?