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Unwanted Beach Candids

November 9th, 2012

Unwanted Beach Candids

Looks like somebody got caught taking beach candids, though none of the topless teens seem to mind. Maybe the babe with her hand up is flattered that someone is taking a picture of her. She should be because it’s a compliment that someone wants to take her picture.

He thinks she’s hot, and so do I. In fact, I bet she herself thinks she’s hot; otherwise, she wouldn’t be posing for beach candids. Only women who think their bodies are sexy and who have a certain amount of sexual self confidence would go topless at a beach. Such self confidence makes a woman even more sexy, and that’s what this teen is – totally sexy!

Topless Beach Candid

August 24th, 2012

topless beach candid

Bosom buddies is what these candid teens are. Whether beach candids or boat candids, this trio looks hot in how natural they seem running around topless. I can’t help but wonder if, when teens get together and they’re topless, do they compare their tits with each other.

Like, is the one on the left proud that her tits are bigger than her two busty friends are? But then her friends could be thinking that their stomachs are slightly flatter. Knowing women, though, they probably do compare themselves, which is kind of a pity. They should all be proud at how hot they are and be glad that there are plenty of us guys to go around!

Big Tit Candid Teens

July 20th, 2012

Big Tit Candid Teens

Dang, where are all these busty candid teens coming from!?! More and more of the teens I’m seeing are getting bigger and bigger boobs! That’s certainly a great thing for guys who like big tits. It’s also great that so many of these busty teens like getting topless in front of the camera, too!

While this cute babe doesn’t get topless, we sure can see that her tits are huge! Her friends – both male and female – are enamored of how big her tits are, too. I’d love to bow and worship at the jugs of this candid teen. Wouldn’t you?